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About Me.

I grew up in Rockville, Maryland – a suburb in the Washington DC metro area. My affinity for art and business drove me to pursue advertising at the University of Georgia. I graduated from The University of Georgia with a Bachelors of Art in Advertising from Grady College of Mass Communication and Journalism. I also received a minor in Design and Media and a certificate in New Media and Design. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Emerging Media through the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia. The content of Maya’s portfolio and projects are of her own creation from her classes and free time. Maya currently lives in New York City where she works as an Art Director.

a Collection of my Works

My Portfolios



My personal portfolio includes works of photography, web design, and favorite projects I have worked on over the years.


New Media

The New Media Institute Certificate is an educational track offered by The University of Georgia dedicated to the teaching and creation of media. From learning how to code your own app to understanding technology. The institute teaches through a collection of courses with incredibly enthusiastic professors. Each course in some way highlights the importance of understanding, creation, an hands-on experiences. 


emerging media masters

The Emerging Media Masters Concentration is a graduate track dedicated to the development and content creation of media, and understanding the principles of emerging media. The program takes skills from coding, design, and technological development and expands them to allow students gain an edge, understanding and further personal goals.